My Story

Hey there! I’m Maya, a professional content writer with a passion for creating engaging blog posts, articles, and emails for companies, organizations, and publications.

I’m also a cold pitch coach to help freelancers connect with their dream clients!

I’ve worked with brands and publications including SitterCity, HealthLine, TransLash News & Narrative, HorrorPress, and more. 

I’m dedicated to my value-based framework that centers on awareness, education, and accessibility. It’s a collaborative process. I value your ideas and opinions, while at the same time I work independently to help you overcome your unique marketing challenges. 

My background in History and Women’s & Gender Studies helps me connect with my empathy while also remaining persuasive and analytical. My experience working with over ten brands, agencies, creatives, publications, and nonprofits helped me build my successful framework for solving YOUR content problems.

I take a similar approach to cold pitching, and the techniques I use work time and time again. Recently, I sent out a well-crafted pitch that got me a response within an hour and a new client by the end of the week!

Learn About My Process Here